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Hello Glamazons!

Today I will be reviewing the Essence eye shadow in the shade ‘Black Goddess’. I have to say I love the name of this product.

I got this in my MSM Style Box. It comes in a 2.5 gm packaging and retails for Rs.199/- only.

What I love about this eye shadow straight off the bat is the packaging! Its a pressed black, shimmery, sparkly powder and has an abstract,floral print on it.

I had a tough time dipping my brush into it lest I spoil the design. The shade has a universal appeal and will flatter any skin tone.

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It has a smooth, powdery finish when I swatched it. describes this shadow as “This highly pigmented, shimmering hue ensures a chic start to your ensemble.” I look forward to creating smouldering eyes with this shade.

The shadow carries carries well through the day as well as the night. Being black it will go with just any wardrobe.

Essence is essentially a drugstore brand and is quite affordable nonetheless, it has good pigmentation, especially over an eye shadow primer. One criticism though, I was checking the ingredients list and I found that this product contains Parabens.

In one of my earlier blog I had written about the harmful effects of Parabens. But its so widely used that I keep wondering why.

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What does it do for the cosmetic? I decided to find out and came to know that it is a very effective preservative.
Use of a preservatives, especially Parabens in a cosmetic ensures that it does not spoil. Preservatives prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mould thus protecting not only the product but also the user.
I tried this eye shadow and I have to say that it applies and blends beautifully. Perfect for those gradient looks.
It’s quite long lasting and has a beautiful silky texture. It’s not very expensive and is easy to remove or clean.
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The packaging is pretty minimalistic and closes with a very satisfactory snap. This shade is a very good for beginners or people who are new to makeup.
Working with black can be quite a challenge but this shade allows for a little building up so its easy to correct mistakes. Another thing that I loved about this shadow is that there’s no fall out.
This is always a plus point for black eye shadows. Imagine the clean up!
Needless to say that the shadow works best with a primer as the color truly stands out and shines in all its glory. But even sans a primer it holds well.
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This is a good eye shadow to have as part of your makeup bag and I would buy it again. And that’s my review.
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