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The Day I Said “No!”

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It was the 08th of April, 2016!

I was chosen to be the Facilitator for a Change Management process training initiated by a vertical of my department. The head of the vertical sent a message through a colleague of mine that I would have to arrange the laptop for this training since his Mac Book would not synchronize with the projector.

I have a Chrome book so synchronizing my laptop to the projector was also out of the question. In normal circumstances, a laptop would have been requested from the Technology team and would have been used in the Boardroom.

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These were not normal circumstances.

The International Leadership Team of my company was in town and the Board Room was requested from us for their use rendering us “roomless”.

We now had to consider and book an external venue much to everyone’s chagrin. Now at this external venue, synchronizing our laptop machines to the projector were considered a challenge.

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However I had a different challenge. I was co-facilitating this training with the Head of the said vertical.

And considering it was his initiative, I couldn’t understand why the responsibility of arranging this machine fell on me. I could have understood if we were in different locations or he didn’t have a team!.

However, he was in the same location as I and had 3 team members compared to me who has none. I also had a challenge understanding why the message was conveyed to me indirectly.

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Was I unapproachable? Or was this simply to establish hierarchy?!

I am always on the fence on whether I am a true millennial or not. I was born in December,1979 so this is always the confusion.

However, for the purposes of this blog let’s assume that I am a millennial. So how do millennials view hierarchy?

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I was reading an article on this subject and it said,”While older generations view organizations in the context of hierarchy, millennials are more focused on collaborating and equality.” (

I frankly couldn’t agree more. We are both Vertical heads.

The vertical head in question and I. Though, he is older in age and experience to me.

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But that to me doesn’t mean a thing. I live in a country and belong to  a culture where elders are respected and revered but at the same time I don’t agree that age gives entitles you to a license to behave as you please.

And this was the space I was coming from. Why couldn’t he speak to me ,himslef  when clearly he needed my help and secondly who died and made him the boss of me?!

What gives him the right to tell me to do things for him and why does he feel hes entitled to my support? I couldn’t wrap my head around these questions.

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He was clearly coming from a “command and control” mentality which I didn’t  appreciate. I didn’t arrange the laptop.

There were several reasons for it. The top most was that I didn’t want him to think that it was okay to treat me like a minion.

But from a realistic point of view this was his initiative so he must take full accountability. Why shift it onto someone else whilst he remained footloose and fancy free?

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Also, I had a busy day. I am handling an important initiate of the organization which attracts a lot of attention from the senior management.

I was on that day in a meeting which was supposed to happen between my boss and the CEO the next day. My boss and I were both refining a presentation deck that we had to use for the CEO.

From 11:00 a.m to 02:25 p.m we refined the deck, followed by the meeting at 02:30 p.m. By the time we wrapped up it was 05:00 p.m. Both my boss were hungry and tired.

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At such a time I came back to my desk to a screenplay of pings with underpinnings of sweet manipulations. Things like I will cover this and you can cover that.

All set for tomorrow and such inquiries. I knew that this was leading to the laptop arrangement piece and got busy with more important things.

As I was preparing to leave, he ran behind me and caught me and asked me whether the laptop had been arranged. I said no.

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He says, I had “conveyed” that it needs to be arranged and that he didn’t know that he had to come and talk to me in person to get it down. And didn’t I get the message?

I said I got the message alright but didn’t pay much attention to it as I had my own things to do. His body language signaled that he was angry and was expecting me to do it now.

I informed him that I had an Uber waiting and had to get home. He tried to convince me but as I gave solutions to problems it was clear that I was not going to risk missing my Uber for this laptop arrangement.

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He turned around and walked off in a huff. I thought this was extremely professional.

I proceeded to my Uber and was on the way home. I tend to dial in my folks at home on the way home and was deep in conversation with my dad when I saw a call coming in from him.

I ignored the first one but when it rang again I took the call. There was livid vertical head on the other side informing me that he was upset hat I had not arranged the laptop.

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And  that he couldn’t understand why such a big deal had been made in it. To which I responded that I wasn’t aware that I was responsible for logistics when clearly he had a team.

He said his team wasn’t responsible and that it was being done at all other locations by my counterparts and hence it was expected that I do it as well. I disagreed and pointed out that they did it ‘coz his team nor he was there. What was his excuse here?

He ranted on about how uncollaborative and unsupportive I was being. And I made half hearted attempts to defend myself and let her blow steam.

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At the end of it, he did run out of steam and hung up on me. Another portrayal of unprofessional behavior.

Mind you we are equals as far as roles are concerned. We have no reporting relationship with each other and in fact report to the same person.

The only place where there is a superiority at play is his age and experience. And I think hes the only one who thinks too much of it.

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Having said this I must point out that I did report to him once upon a time, but now due to a strange twist of fate, we are peers. So was he stuck in a time warp where he thought that I was the same person that I was when I was reporting into him?

A lot has changed over the years, my responsibilities as well as my role.

Under him I was diminished to arranging space for training whereas today I handle one of the most important initiatives for the organization. My time is important and valuable. At that moment I was also going through a lot personally having been recently , married, moved to a new city, a new job, a horrible boss and insufferable in laws.

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As my manager he never once inquired how things were in my personal life. And frankly I am not the types to leverage on the sympathy.

My head space was different at that time. It’s 3 and half years later now and my head space is completely different.

But perhaps hes not been able to move on or accept this change. I guess its an impression hes made about me?

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He does seem to think he’s the cats whiskers and that everyone is below him. Anyway the next day dawned on us and I was wondering how the training will go.

I always ensure I am at the venue before time and reached 40 minutes before the scheduled time here as well. He had already set up the laptop and the sound system.

The Mac book was plugged in! I don’t know if there was remorse for his behavior from the previous evening but boy was there over compensation! I guess my message had been well received .

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No one can walk over you till you let them. That’s what I have learnt.

Saying no actually makes people respect you and take you seriously. Or at least think twice before asking you to do something ridiculous like take ownership and accountability for initiatives that were their responsibility in the first place.

Do you face issues in saying no? Try it once its very liberating.

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I am not a people pleaser but if you are one and hence find it difficult to say no just be aware that there are enough people out there to take advantage of the fact that you can’t say no. To the extent that they think they are entitled to your support as in this case.

Two simple letters……N…..O……Coming together to form one simple word with immense power! NO!!

Much Love,




Have Fun!

I have a habit. As I wave farewell to a person who’s going to do something specifically difficult I say “Have Fun!”

It is said with a tinge of humor laced with sarcasm but I have noticed that in one particular city in my country people tend to take it literally. They respond, “What fun? Do you think I am going to have fun?”

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Of course I know you’re not going to have fun, hence the sarcasm (I don’t say this, but I should). People take themselves too seriously conversely humor is embedded in culture!

That’s the only conclusion I could come to. When cultures are serious and do not allow for easy communication to flow amongst people, there’s a lot of hierarchy in relationships, then there’s no place for humor.

Another issue I find is language. If a certain language is not your first language and you constantly have to translate from English to your native language and back to English what gets literally lost  in translation is humor and nuances like sarcasm which actually when applied appropriately could make for a very meaningful conversation. Which reminds me of a roommate I had in Canada.

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She was learning ESL And there was this one time when we were having a conversation and I said “Go ahead!”

Which to me or any other person who speaks the English language means please proceed with what you have thought of doing. Well ! To her, “Go Ahead!” meant something else!

She thought that I was abusing her! And took offence and lectured me in broken English that this kind of language was unacceptable to her!

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It was only after a couple of weeks, she found out what “Go Ahead!” means and then there was a knock on my door and an apologetic roommate.

She had figured out that “Go Ahead!” was not an abuse!

Probably there wasn’t such a phrase in Japanese? For regular viewers of ‘Game Of Thrones’. I was watching the making of part of the series and apparently in Dothraki which is what the Dothraki race in ‘Game of Thrones’ speak theres no word for throne.

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This is ironic as the show is titled ‘Game of Thrones’. There’s also no word for thank you.

As this is not part of their culture. Though Dothraki is a fictional language, do you see the connect between culture and language?

There’s also the whole bit about a lot being lost in translation. For those of you who have seen the movie you know exactly what I mean.

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Here’s to better, more meaningful conversations!!

Much love,



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The Festive High | Fab Bag |October,2016

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The Festive High | Image courtesy

Hello Glamazons!

Fab Bag usually sends out a text message or an e-mail indicating when the bag was shipped out,with tracking number details so you know to look out for it. Towards the end of September,2016, Fab Bag sent a mail to its 3 to 6 month subscribers to choose the star product of the month.

Every month Fab Bag features one star product. Last month it was a range of products from Sugar Cosmetics.

This month it was a range of products by CAL Cosmetics.This month I received:

  1. CAL Finish Up Compact | CO2| Full Size | Rs.650/-
  2. Votre Lip Gel Scrub | Full Size | Rs.300/-
  3. Kaya Brightening Serum | 30 ml | Rs.1,490/-
  4. Vedaearth Cleansing Facial Oil | Full Size | Rs.350/-
  5. Stay Quirky Nail Polish -01 | 6 ml | Rs.165/-

Have a look at the make up bag/clutch:

Make up bag/clutch | Image courtesy

This time like last month, Fab Bag asked its 3 and 6 month subscribers to choose the bag that the goodies would arrive in. Having watched videos of previous Fab Bags, it was evident that these were old bags.

However, one of the options was also the bag for October and that’s what I chose.The bag itself was interesting.

Made of a sort of faux leather, it was a gold with a roughish texture. Very much in keeping with the ‘Festive High’ theme just in time for the festival of lights.

This bag didn’t impress me too much though. I don’t see myself using it as a clutch and when it arrived it was a bit crumpled up.

I thought this bag would be the one to urge me to extend my subscription. My 6 month subscription gets over in October,2016 so I thought dependent on how much I liked this bag, I would take a one year subscription.

But I am not too impressed so I’ll give it a pass. I have been subscribing to them since January, 2016.

My first bag was cute to look at but thereafter I wasn’t impressed except for the June and July bags.

Lets explore the products in the bag:

CAL Finish Up Compact | CO2| Full Size | Rs.650/-

Image result for cal finish up compact
Compact | Image courtesy neighbourhoodgirl30.wordpress

I thought the packaging of this product was very cheap and over the top. It also opens up as if its a gadget straight out of a James Bond movie!

This compact claims to help minimize the appearance of lines and enhance luminosity. It will deliver sheer color and applies smoothly.

It also imparts a natural looking finish. Not a product I’m applying to myself in a hurry!

Votre Lip Gel Scrub | Full Size | Rs.300/-

Fab Bag October 2016- The Festive High Review
Lip scrub | Image courtesy

I did not like the packaging of this product. I understand it is a sample size but does it have to look like one?

So clinical! This product is a gentle exfoliating gel for the lips.

The gel contains pure oils and gently removes dead chapped skin from the lips. Its great for when you’re getting ready to apply your favorite lip color or even at the end of the  day as you remove your  make up.


Especially handy when trying to remove those pesky long stay formulas!

Kaya Brightening Serum | 30 ml | Rs.1,490/-

Brightening serum | Image courtesy

This product has a watery consistency. I have tried this product at night.

In the morning I woke up with fresh, bright, moisturized skin. Since its a sample size it is difficult to say if it has worked on my blemishes.

I felt it worked as a good substitute as a primer under foundation.

Vedaearth Cleansing Facial Oil | Full Size | Rs.350/-

Image result for veda earth cleansing facial oil
Cleansing facial oil |

The packaging of this product is just amazing. It’s a lovely blue colored bottle with a white floral design.

Very classy and feminine. It’s compact and travel friendly.

I am yet to try it so can’t comment on the product yet.

Stay Quirky Nail Polish -01 | 6 ml | Rs.165/-

SQ orange shade nail paint
Nail polish | Image courtesy

The last product is a Stay Quirky nail polish. The shade I received is orange.

I am yet to try it but it looks good in the bottle. Its a vibrant shade in keeping with the festival of lights.

Total calculated value of the bag is Rs. 3,003/- Of the lot my favorite product is the Stay Quirky nail polish! In fact I think this product deserves its own separate review.

I love the color! I also thought that this month the Fab Bag over all was okay.

Thank you for reading. Be kind to yourself , ‘coz there’s no one like you 🙂

Much love!


PS: Wish to subscribe to Fab Bag? Click on the link below:

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Lip Monthly |September,2016

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Lip Monthly, September, 2016 | Image courtesy

Hello Glamazons!

I discovered an international subscription service which ships worldwide. Its called the Lip Monthly and is a God send for all those who love lip products.

For the price of $13/- only (Roughly Rs.871/- only ) you get a total of 4 products in an adorable bag. 3 of the 4 products are lip related and one is non lip related.

Typically the package ships out by the 10th of every month, you receive a tracking number with the shipment details.

Have a look at the very cute bag.

Image result for lip monthly september 2016
Make Up Bag | Image courtesy

Make Up Bag | For a while Lip Monthly had been sending the same bags each month, however they regularized it this month for me. Check out this cute, new, trendy bag.

This one has violet, white and purple lines diagonal lines. Very hep!

Below is a list of the products I received :

  1. Model Co. | Lip Liner | $20
  2. Starlooks | Lip Crayon | $19
  3. JCat | Lip Paint | $4.99
  4. Shop NCLA | Nail Wraps | $11


Model Co. | Lip Liner | $20

Lip Liner | Image courtesy

This is a neutral lip liner which makes me look pale. The pigment is great though. It’s “one shade fits all” and will suit any skin tone.

It goes on matte and keeps your lips nourished while also giving the illusion of a ‘fuller’ looking lip.

Starlooks | Lip Crayon | $19

Image result for lip monthly september 2016
Lip crayon | Image courtesy

I thought this color would be sheer and subtle but its much darker. This is a super bold lip shade.

This lip crayon wasn’t very moisturizing, but the color payoff was great.

JCat | Lip Paint | $4.99

Queen of Hearts | Image courtesy
For invincible color and impeccable wear, J.Cat Beauty’s Wonder Lip Paint serves justice! This lip color not only stand the test of time but also has amazing color payoff!
This shade though more fit for the night can be taken through the day as well. I don’t usually like these shades I refer more adventurous ones.

Shop NCLA | Nail Wraps | $11

September 2016 Lip Monthly Bag Unboxing
Nail Wraps | Image courtesy

This month Lip Monthly collaborated with NCLA and matched the nail wraps to the bag!

These nail wraps are ultra thin, self-adhesive, and require no heat lamp. Application is simple with a nail file included in the pack.

Total calculated value:

In USD: $54.99 only

Considering you pay only Rs.871/- for a monthly subscription (shipping is free world wide) you get 4 products worth Rs. 4,620/- only. So that my review.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for your time and remember to be kind to yourself ‘coz there’s no one like you.

Much Love!


PS: Wanna subscribe to Lip Monthly? Click on the link below:

This is a referral link so every time you buy using this link, I get a free bag or points to redeem products from the Lip Monthly online shop. If you are planning to sign up please do use this link so I may get free bags to review and post on this blog or redeem it for products to review on this blog.

Please also feel free to share this link with your friends. Spread the word.

Show Lip Monthly (and me) some love. Mwah!




Glossy Box | August,2016


Hello My Beauties!

Today we will be reviewing the Glossy Box for August, 2016. Glossy Box is a beauty subscription service which does not currently ship worldwide.

If you wanna know how to get it like and leave a comment on my blog and I’ll tell you how I got mine. The Glossy Box  comes at a subscription fee of $21 (USD) per month.

That works out to roughly Rs. 1,410/- only per month. I also paid shipping so I did end up paying Rs.4,230/- only.

Check out all the goodies !

For the price of $21/- only you get a total of 6 products in a very pretty pink box. Glossy decides on your products for the month, based on a questionnaire that you fill with your preferences.

They ask you things like, would you prefer an eye shadow or a mascara? A lip gloss or a lipstick etc.?

As compared to the Ipsy Bag, a Glossy Box is a higher end beauty subscription service, theres a marked difference in the kind and size of products you get.It ships out by the 10th of every month, you receive a tracking number with the shipment details, and can track it on every step of the way.

Below is a list of the products I received :

  1. Wella Professionals | Oil Reflections | 30 ml
  2. Too Faced | Mascara Melt Off | 1.15 gms
  3. De Breyur aris | After Sun Lotion | 50 ml
  4. Trifle Cosmetics | 3.5 gms | In the shade ‘Guilty Pug’
  5. Invisi Bobble | Hair rings | 3 nos.

The box has a black pink lining with the Glossy Box logo printed on it. This is my second box I am receiving and I am pretty happy with it.

Let’s dive into each of the products now:

Wella Professionals | Oil Reflections



Too Faced | Mascara Melt Off


De Breyur aris | After Sun Lotion


Trifle Cosmetics | In the shade ‘Guilty Pug’


Invisi Bobble | Hair rings


And that’s my review.I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Thank you for your time and remember to be kind to yourself ‘coz there’s no one like you. Please like,comment and share this blog with your loved ones.

Much Love!


PS: Wanna subscribe to Glossy Box? Click on:

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Aromatherapy Associates | Body Wash

Aromatherapy Associates | Body Wash

Hello Hello!

I just started using this body wash by Aromatherapy Associates and it is uh mazing! Its the Ylang Ylang and Lavender infused version and is just awesome.

I have a fascination for shower gels and body washes and this fits right in. This is the first time I am using a product from Aromatherapy Associates.

Just apply to wet skin, rub into a lather with a nice soft loofa and rinse.Its great to use daily and acts as a revitalizer.

It has a subtle fragrance and leaves your body smooth and refreshed.Very relaxing and oh so luxurious.

It tightens muscles, lessen aches, reduces inflammations, purifies and heal the skin. Lavender has proven to be one of the most versatile herbs used for healing because of its therapeutic properties.

While Ylang Ylang revitalizes and relaxes the mind and the body.

 Noteworthy ingredients:
  1. Water
  2.  Fragrance (Parfum)
  3. Lavender Oil
  4. Ylang Ylang flower oil
  5. Sodium Chloride
  6. Citric Acid

I came across this body wash while I was put up at the JW Marriott’s in Mumbai. I tried it there and was completely floored.

I picked it up and then completely forgot about it. A few days back as I was cleaning out a toilet bag, I came across it again and decided to include it into my shower routine.

The body wash, comes in a lavender grey tube with  screw on cap. This is the travel size with 40 ml of the body wash in liquid form.

The body wash itself is a translucent gel-like liquid, transparent in color. It smells very mildly of lavender and you can just about sniff a hint of ylang ylang, not too strong, nor overpowering.

Ylang Ylang can have an astringent like fragrance which can be strong for sensitive noses. The body wash is gentle on the skin and moisturizes without drying.

It lathers well and you actually don’t need a loofah, but I used one anyway. A loofah is really good for exfoliating the skin, and renders the skin smooth removing the dead skin cell build up from the surface.

The body wash is made out of natural and herbal ingredients and based on aromatherapy. Used on a loofah, the body wash promotes skin regeneration.


  • It comes at an affordable price of INR 180/- only.
  • It contains the goodness of lavender and ylang ylang oil.
  • It does a good job as a body wash.
  • It lathers well.
  • Is suitable for daily use.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Reduces acne
  • Keeps the skin youthful

 Cons :

  • The fragrance has no staying power on the skin.
  • The packaging could have been a bit more interesting.

My take:

All in all, this is a pretty good body wash. If you, like me like lavender scented products then this body wash is right up your alley.

It gently cleanses the skin and is mild. I just wish that the tube was a bit bigger given the price.

This body wash has a light fragrance, generates good amount of lather, is easy to spread, and leaves the skin smooth and moisturized. Must buy for people who like feminine smelling gentle mild, lavender based body washes.  

I will be buying this again. I would rate it at 4 on a 5 point scale.

Until next time… kind to yourself ‘coz theres no one like you! Love love !





What I got in my Fab Bag, July, 2016

As promised, here I am continuing from my previous post. I like that the sharpener that came in my Fab Bag, came in its own tiny, snug box.

Have a look at the sharpener itself:

Sharpener | SUGAR Cosmetics

Its got the SUGAR branding on it and comes with its own cleaning stick, to get rid of the pesky wax in the shavings.

Star product choices in the Fab Bag, are only given to 3, 6 and 12 month subscribers. I am a 6 month subscriber.

One point to note is that the total value of the bag came up to INR 1,843/- only. The next product to come in the Fab Bag was:

Neemli Naturals | Bengal Gram Exfoliater

 I was very happy to receive this product for a couple of reasons:

  1. I love face masks and body scrubs
  2. This is made of 100% natural ingredients


  1. Gram flour
  2. Rice flour
  3. Yellow lentils
  4. Turmeric
  5. Sandalwood powder
  6. Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth)

No preservatives/ chemicals have been named here. In fact I was thinking with such pure ingredients, the ants can have quite a feast!

In fact if the sandalwood powder and Fuller’s Earth were not included in the pack I could have as well made kadhi/ dal out of this 😉 The pack describes this product as “A complete herbal cleanser and polisher.”

An invigorating face and body wrap, packed with traditional herbal ingredients that promote healthy and fresh skin. The directions for use are as follows:

  1. Wash face with warm water
  2. Mix 1 tablespoon of the powder with water/ milk / rose water/ beauty water
  3. Apply on face/ body
  4. Let dry for 15 minutes
  5. Rinse off with warm water

This product is full size and costs INR 425/- only. And the pack quantity is 50 gms.

The third product was the:

PEP Moisture Velvet Shampoo | Full size

Though I am yet to try this shampoo, I smelt it.

And it has an amazing sweet, floral fragrance. The pack describes it as “Formulated with a blend of oat protein milk.”

The pack claims, that “……the extra nourishing formula is designed to restore moisture and give deep root nourishment. After a few uses, your strands will be softer and more manageable – which means you can spend less time fussing over your hair.”

This product is priced at INR 119/- only for a 50 ml bottle. I just read about an oatmeal rinse.

Oatmeal is not only a filling healthy and nutritious breakfast food, but also great for skin and hair.

Outlining some of its benefits below:

1. Moisturizing

2. Can help fix damaged hair.

3. Makes your hair feel silky and soft.

4. Makes your hair  shine.

Now imagine all these benefits in a convenient shampoo bottle.

The last product received was:


Johara Instant Radiance Face Scrub | Sample Size

I haven’t tried this product out yet, but I did smell it. And it reminds me of Odomos!

However, the texture felt interesting. Its got finely ground walnut in it which is great for black heads.

The pack describes it as “……formulated with natural exfoliating ultra fine walnut extract and a blend of lemon peel extract and neem oil, to gently slough off dead skin layers, remove impurities and promote natural cell exfoliation.”

It also talks about an ingredient called Cococin CG. This is a nutrient rich extract from tender green coconut.

The pack also claims that the scrub is synthetic dye, paraben , formaldehyde and sulphate free. Its dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

The pack directs use of this scrub twice in a week. And that brings me to the end of everything that was in this months Fab Bag.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until later then, meanwhile, in the words of Ellen Degeneres, “Be kind to one another!”……Mwah!!