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I Only Roll With Goddesses | Lip Love | So Susan Cosmetics

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Hello Glamazons!

Today we will be reviewing the So Susan Lip Love Beauty Subscription bag for March,2017. Lip Love is a beauty subscription service which ships worldwide.

The Lip Love bag  comes at a subscription fee of $20.95 (USD) per month.This price includes the cost of shipping.

For the price of $21/- (almost) only you get 4-5 whimsically packaged products in a very pretty and whimsical makeup bag. Lip Love is a beauty subscription bag managed by So Susan Cosmetics so they decides on your products for the month.

No need to fill a preference questionnaire. Typically the products you receive are : eye shadows, mascaras, lip gloss or a lipstick etc.

This month Lip Love celebrated Goddesses! Not the religious ones though.

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I read somewhere that empowered women, empower women. And I truly believe this.

And this is regardless of the setting whether in the workplace or the home front. An empowered housewife will empower her daughter of her daughter – in – law.

An empowered woman boss will empower her subordinate. When I look into my personal life I truly see this.

On the one hand I see my mother in law. She got married to my father – in – law at the tender age of 16.

How much do you really know about life at 16? Your husband then becomes your whole life and education takes a back seat.

But look at the repercussions in her life. All her life she has had to be dependent on her husband for everything.

Financially, emotionally every way. What would happen if he left her?

She has a son but the son too has his own life, so after the husband the son becomes the whole focus? Then what happens to the son’s life?

She has not been empowered a single day in her life. Hence she doesn’t empower me!

Not that I need her permission or her validation to be empowered! Coming from a different family, with a much higher level of education and a successful career I don’t succumb to her non empowerment.

And that’s the problem  in our relationship.The fact that I don’t succumb.

Some people might call it a generational gap! On the other hand I have my boss.

Also a woman. Shes empowered and doesn’t hold back on empowering me.

I owe a lot of my career success to her. Was it not for her, I would not get many opportunities or visibility.

This blog seems to have gone off on another tangent 😉 Coming back to this month’s Lip Love Bag.

Lip Love was doing make up bags in canvas with whimsical (almost juvenile!) prints though philosophical quotes. This time they seemed to be targeting a more mature audience.

From January I notice that they’ve changed the concept of the bag a bit.They still do the philosophical quote or statement, what with ‘Dream Big, Dare Greatly’ last month and ‘I Only Roll With Goddesses’  this month but they have changed up the print and the material of the bag.

There’s a motif on the bag much like last month.This time faces of women in pink against a white background.

The material is a kind of thick-ish faux leather as compared to the canvas though frankly that was quite interesting! Across the print are the words ‘I Only Roll With Goddesses.’

Have a look at the bag below:

Image result for information card lip love march 2017 so susan cosmetics
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Now lets have a look at the products I received:

  1. Skinsider | Highlighter Pallete |So Susan | $42.00
Image result for skinsider highlighter palette
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I’m not one for highlighters but I was still very excited to receive this product!I love the packaging of it.

Its so sleek and black and slim. I also love the colors, I feel the pans are too small too dip in for highlighting and I wonder if they can be doubled up as eye shadows.

It comes with a good sized built in mirror and has its own sponge applicator. Nine beautiful, shimmery shades with awesome pigmentation.

2. Liptensity Hydrating Lip Gloss| Jelly Pong Pong | In the shade ‘Curiousity’ | $14.00

Image result for jelly pong pong liptensity
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I don’t like these lip glosses at all. First off, they have a wierd detergent like smell.

Then the formula is patchy and does not apply evenly. It’s well pigmented and has good shine.

But that not enough for me.

3. Lip Pout | In the shade ‘Social Butterfly’ | So Susan | $19.00

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These lipsticks are quite interesting for me. First of all the casing is made out of paper.

And then they have a whimsical print! The name of the shade also doesn’t give away the color.

4.Cheek Parfait | In the shade ‘Marmalade’ | Trifle Cosmetics | $23.00

Image result for cheek parfait
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This product has good pigmentation and I love the color as well. I think the color should work for all skin tones.

Again the problem that I have with it is the packaging. Why is it so juvenile?!

If I was to purchase this product from a store I would not purchase it due to the packaging alone! The outer part is still okay but the eye shadow pack itself is like toy/dolls makeup.

Is this product targeted at tweens? If Trifle Cosmetics ever reads this, then please know this is the only angst I have with your products.

Or let me know if I am not the target audience. Anyway, the total value of this bag totals to $116/- only.

And that’s my review. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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Thank you for your time and remember to be kind to yourself ‘coz there’s no one like you.

Much Love!


PS: Wanna subscribe to the Lip Love Bag? Click on:


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