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Born To Be Loved | Lip Love | February,2017

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Hello Glamazons!

Today we will be reviewing the So Susan Lip Love Beauty Subscription bag for February,2017. Lip Love is a beauty subscription service which ships worldwide.

The Lip Love bag  comes at a subscription fee of $20.95 (USD) per month.That works out to roughly Rs. 1,421/- only per month.

This price includes the cost of shipping. For the price of $21/- (almost) only you get 4-5 whimsically packaged products in a very pretty and whimsical makeup bag.

Lip Love is a beauty subscription bag managed by So Susan Cosmetics so they decides on your products for the month. No need to fill a preference questionnaire.

Typically the products you receive are : eye shadows, mascaras, lip gloss or a lipstick etc. This month Lip Love celebrated lovable people. (I think!)

Here are my two cents on this. Human beings are born out of love.

A man and a woman come together due to a sense of attraction seated in a place of love.They make love and a baby is born.

Literally, this baby is born out of love. I read somewhere that when babies are little, if they are not held or touched they can die.

Such is the requirement of love in a a human beings life and it starts as early as infancy. I couldn’t resist the quote below as I so agree with it.

We as human beings have an inherent need to be loved and we never outgrow it or stop wanting it.

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Beautiful statement and the genesis of the themes of the Lip Love Bag in the month of February,2017 – Born To Be Loved

Lip Love has recently changed up their makeup pouches.They were doing make up bags in canvas with whimsical (almost juvenile!) prints though philosophical quotes.

This time they seemed to be targeting a more mature audience. From January I notice that they’ve changed the concept of the bag a bit.

They still do the philosophical quote what with ‘Dream Big, Dare Greatly’ last month and ‘Born To Be Loved’ this month but they have changed up the print and the material of the bag.

There’s a motif on the bag much like last month.This time its a yellow swan.

The material is a kind of thick-ish faux leather as compared to the canvas though frankly that was quite interesting! The bag itself is a white background with prints of yellow swans.

Across all of this are the words ‘Born To Be Loved.’

Have a look at the bag below:

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Now lets have a look at the products I received:

  1. Lip Brush | So Susan | $18.00
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I’m always happy to receive makeup brushes in subscription boxes. This lip brush is of good quality.

I can’t make out whether the bristles are synthetic or not and I am yet to use it as I tend to apply lipstick straight from the tube.

I notice that this bush has a longer handle than most and that is good as it allows for more control especially with liquid lipsticks.

2. Liquid Matte | In the shade ‘Moon Nude’| So Susan | $14.00


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I am not sure this product is going to show up on me given the color.The formula itself is good but its as if I am applying applying concealer on my lips.

I wonder if I can double it up as a concealer.

3. Sponge Bronzer | Trifle Cosmetics | $19.00


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I am not big on bronzers but I believe this one is “ultra-smooth” and provides for “seamless application.” I think this would do well for contouring and a blush as well.

Here I have to say, that I find the packaging of this product a tad juvenile. All of Trifle Cosmetics products look like kids makeup or a dolls makeup rendered in plastic.

I remember having a make believe lipstick, mirror and blush which came with a doll of mine when I was little. They must seriously consider changing their packaging.

4.Supercharged| In the shade ‘Electric’  | Jelly Pong Pong | $23.00

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I love eye shadow so easily this is the most favorite product out of the bag.This product has good pigmentation and I love the shimmer too.

The advantage of this color array is that its a universal shade which will work with all skin tones. Again the problem that I have with it is the packaging.

Why is it so juvenile?! If I was to purchase this product from a store I would not purchase it due to the packaging alone!

The outer part is still okay but the eye shadow pack itself is like toy/dolls makeup. Is this product targeted at tweens?

If Trifle Cosmetics ever reads this, then please know this is the only angst I have with your products. Or let me know if I am not the target audience.

How about something a little classier, elegant and sophisticated Trifle?


Anyway, the total value of this bag totals to $86/- only. And that’s my review.

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Much Love!


PS: Wanna subscribe to the Lip Love Bag? Click on:


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