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Pucker Up | Fab Bag | February,2017

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Hello Glamazons!

I have been subscribing off and on to Fab Bag. An Indian beauty subscription company.

You pay Rs.399/- only a month and in return, you receive three or four (sometimes five) exciting beauty products in a cute little pouch. Fab Bag usually sends out a text message or an e-mail indicating when the bag was shipped out,with tracking number details so you know to look out for it.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I had organized beauty boxes for all my women employees. I am in Human Resources and am responsible for employee engagement.

I had approached other beauty companies along with Fab Bag and they are the only ones that sent me a sample bag. I loved the stuff inside it and so here’s my review.

Usually, towards the end of the previous month, Fab Bag sends out an e-mail to its 3 to 6 month subscribers to choose the star product of the month.

Every month Fab Bag also features one star product. This month it was the latest product from Sugar Cosmetics.

I received:

  1. Moha Herbal Shower Gel | 30 ml | Price not known 
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I am yet to use this product. It claims to contain Aloe for detoxification, Neem for antiseptic and anti fungal properties, Orange for a daily Vitamin C dose and Tea Tree for black head and pimple reduction.

It has a sweetish spa like fragrance which is very refreshing and ayurvedic. Usage of this product will render the skin soft supple and moisturized skin.


2. Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick | In the number 07 | Rs. 180/- 

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Fab Bag subscribers got to choose this product in the month of February,2017. I have swatched this shade on myself and I find it suitable for daily, office wear.

I’m happy to receive this. The lipstick has good pigmentation and staying power.

It has a buttery formula which is fabulous for dry lips. The shade itself is an earthy red  with a hint of pink.


3. Ayorma | SPF 40 Sun Block | 10 gm 

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This product is just right for the summers! I have used a night cream by Ayorma before and it has worked well for me.

This sun block claims to soothe skin irritations as well as optimizes the skin’s defense mechanism against environmental irritants. It has a quick absorbing formula which over time claims to  minimize imperfections and reduce melanin production.


Opulence Skin Essentials | Sugar | Face and Body Scrub | 100 gms Rs.500/-

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This product is made of pure and premium quality organic brown sugar and essential oils. It nourishes your skin and helps you unwind from a long and tiring day.

The sugar dissolves as you scrub this product into your skin. I wouldn’t recommend it for the face though.

I love all the ingredients it contains sugar,honey,papaya extract,almond oil,mandarin oil,wheat germ oil extract,jojoba oil,avocado oil,sandalwood.

And last but not the least the star product:

Sugar Cosmetics | Smudge Me Not Lipstick | In the shade ’10 Drop Dead Red’

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I love red so I think providence has a huge hand to play in me receiving this shade! This lipsticks goes on matte and is available at Rs. 499/- only

I think they are quite affordable. This shade is a “showstopper red that will never go out of style.

Drop Dead Red is your weapon of choice if you’re ready to make a statement wherever you go and a bold one at that!” (

Have a look at the make up bag:

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Fab Bag usually asks its 3 and 6 month subscribers to choose the bag that the goodies will arrive in. Having watched videos of previous Fab Bags, it was evident that these were old bags.

However, one of the options was also the bag for the current month. I have received the current months bag and I loved it!!

Made of a sort of faux leather, it has a cream background with the Fab Bag tag on the side of the bag. It has prints of lip glosses, lip gloss wands and lip prints in a lovely purple and a fuchsia pink.

Very much in keeping with the ‘Pucker Up’ theme. I think this is in line with Valentine’s Day.

I love this bag and will not be able to bring myself to give it away. My first bag Fab Bag ever was cute but thereafter I wasn’t impressed except for the June and July bags and now this one.

Overall I loved the Fab Bag this month. My favorite product was the ‘Drop Dead Red’ lipstick.

So that’s my review. Thank you for reading.

Be kind to yourself , ‘coz there’s no one like you 🙂

Much love!


PS: Wish to subscribe to Fab Bag? Click on the link below:


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