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Dream Big Dare Greatly | Lip Love | January,2017

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Hello Glamazons!

Today we will be reviewing the So Susan Lip Love Beauty Subscription bag for January,2017. Lip Love is a beauty subscription service which ships worldwide.

The Lip Love bag  comes at a subscription fee of $20.95 (USD) per month.That works out to roughly Rs. 1,421/- only per month.

This price includes the cost of shipping. For the price of $21/- (almost) only you get 4-5 whimsically packaged products in a very pretty and whimsical canvas makeup bag.

Lip Love is a beauty subscription bag managed by So Susan Cosmetics so they decides on your products for the month. No need to fill a preference questionnaire.

Typically the products you receive are : eye shadows, mascaras, lip gloss or a lipstick etc. This month Lip Love celebrated dreamers.

Here I am reminded of a quote by T.E Lawrence. It goes “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”

The theme of this months Lip Love bag is very related. It says Dream Big Dare Greatly which basically means that t dont limit your dreams or your imaginations.

And once you have dream it, chase the dream and make it a reality. Dare to dream care to achieve!

Even if people laugh at your dream let the, don’t deter from your path. Once the dream is achieved, you just might be the person having the last laugh!

Back to the bag now. This month Lip Love changed up their bags.

They usually do canvas bags with whimsical prints however this time, it was a plasticy, rexine material and also gone was the whimisical prints and quotes. This time they seemed to be targeting a more mature audience.

The bag itself is a lovely orange with prints f a tiger, cheetah and a zebra in white. Across all of this are oriented the words Dream Big Dare Greatly.

Have a look at the bag below.

Limited Edition Make Up Bag | Image courtesy

Now lets have a loom at  products I received:

  1. Lip Pout | In the shade ‘Parrots” | Sp Susan | $18.95 | This is a pretty pink lipstick with a buttery consistency. This is So Susan’s own product and like the Lip Butters by Jelly Pong Pong, this range of lipstick also come in cases made of paper.

They also have a colorful, whimsical print and names that dont give out the shade. With a name like parrots the use is left guessing what the color could possibly be.

Green?! Have a look at the lipstick below:

Parrots | Image courtesy 

2. Liptensity | In the shade ‘Intensity’| Jelly Pong Pong | $19.95 | This is a bold lip gloss that packs a good amount of shine and a lot of pigment! This formula is very creamy and moisturizing.

The shade is a gorgeous bright pink. and has a floral fragrance. Below is a pic of the lip gloss.

Liptensity | Image courtesy

3. Liquid Glow | Trifle Cosmetics | $19.95 | This product is actually of no use to me nonetheless, according to Trifle cosmetics just a touch of this of this liquid luminizer is enough to give your complexion a boom of rosy brilliance.

It contains cocoa extract to hydrate the skin and make it softer. You are supposed to use your ring finger dot onto you cheekbones, brow bones and cupids bow for a boost of ethereal glow.

Have a look at the cute, whimsical packaging below.

Liquid glow | Image courtesy

4.Dream Pallette | In the shade ‘Midnight Ride’ | Jelly Pong Pong | $19.95 | This product is an antioxidant-rich eye shadow palette with a luxurious airy texture.

It not only moisturizes and melts onto the skin, but also makes your shadows last longer. This little eyeshadow palette is stunning!

Have a look at the pic below:

Dream Palette | Image courtesy

I love eyeshadow so easily this is the most favorite product out of the bag. However, I received mine broken and there’s powder all over!

Midnight Palette | Image courtesy

I would have exchanged it but I think its expensive to send back so I’ll keep it. However, it will be nice to know how responsive Lip Love is so maybe I will write and report this.

The total value of this bag totals to $90.80/- only. I love the tag line of So Susan as a brand its:


And that’s my review. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Thank you for your time and remember to be kind to yourself ‘coz there’s no one like you. Please like,comment,share and subscribe to this blog.

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Much Love!


PS: Wanna subscribe to the Lip Love Bag? Click on:


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