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Hello Glamazons!

Today I decided to tell you what’s in my make up bag instead of again writing a product or subscription box review. Hope you enjoy what you read.

With the exception of special events and nights out, I keep my makeup minimal and natural-looking. I stick to the essentials, and here’s what’s currently in my makeup bag for everyday use, which I love!

  1. Eyeliners | I currently own five of these, 2 by MAC, 1 by Shiesido, 1 by Body Shop and one more by Chambor. I tend to be partial to blue eyeliners perhaps as the color really pops against my complexion.

    The shades I own are ‘So There Jade’ this a bluish green eyeliner by MAC and ‘Powerline’ which is a golden brown shade. The Shiesido one is ‘Brown’ and its a double ended one.

    On the one side it has the liner and on the other it has a sponge tip for smudging  out the line. The Body Shop one is in the shade ‘Brilliant Blue’ and it is a lovely peacock blue.

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Brilliant Blue | Image courtesy


The last eyeliner I own is the one by Chambor, in the shade ‘Teal Dazzle’. Unlike the ones above this one twists up and has a pretty floral design on the casing.

Kohl | If there was ever one product I would never leave the house without it would be kohl. I have the new Twist and Shout, Fadeproof Kajal by Sugar Cosmetics in the shade ‘Black Velvet’.

And its really good.

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Black Velvet | Image courtesy

Mascara | I have the Collosal Volum Express by Maybelline. This is in the shade black.

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Black | Image courtesy

Lipsticks | Ooh ! This is the best part!! I love lipsticks!!

I currently own 5 shades of lipsticks. Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in the shade ‘Coquette’, Shiesido Perfect Rouge lipstick in the shade RD346, Colorbar in the shade ‘Pretty Please’ and Shiesido Shimmering Rouge lipstick in  the shade Pink Champagne.

Image result for shiseido shimmering rouge pk311
Pink Champagne | Image courtesy

Lipliners | This is my recent discovery! I don’t like to line my lips as I tend to wipe off lipstick after I eat and I find that the lipstick wipes off but the liner stays put.

So instead I have now started doubling up my lipliner as a lip color. Where I find that the liner is too  dry I top it up with lip balm.

The lip liners I own are Ofra in the shade ‘Maya’ and ‘Wine’, Lord & Berry in the shade ‘Romantic Rose’. I recently received a lip crayon from Lord & Berry in the shade ‘Vogue’ but am yet to try it out.

I own one by Laritzy in the shade ‘Deep Orchid’ and finally a lip enhancer by Model Co. in the shade ‘Nude’. My fave of these is ‘Maya’ by Ofra Cosmetics.

Image result for model co. lip liner
Lip Enhancer | Image courtesy

Apart from these goodies I always keep at hand a lip balm. I currently own one by Caudalie Paris.

A dual sized, pencil sharpener for regular and oversized lip and eye pencils and a two sided magnifying mirror. All this contained in a super awesome make up bag!

Have a look at my awesome makeup bag!


Image result for eat sleep makeup repeat fab bag
My makeup bag | Image courtesy

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Thank you for your time and remember to be kind to yourself ‘coz there’s no one like you.

Much Love!



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