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The Festive High | Fab Bag |October,2016

Image result for the festive high
The Festive High | Image courtesy

Hello Glamazons!

Fab Bag usually sends out a text message or an e-mail indicating when the bag was shipped out,with tracking number details so you know to look out for it. Towards the end of September,2016, Fab Bag sent a mail to its 3 to 6 month subscribers to choose the star product of the month.

Every month Fab Bag features one star product. Last month it was a range of products from Sugar Cosmetics.

This month it was a range of products by CAL Cosmetics.This month I received:

  1. CAL Finish Up Compact | CO2| Full Size | Rs.650/-
  2. Votre Lip Gel Scrub | Full Size | Rs.300/-
  3. Kaya Brightening Serum | 30 ml | Rs.1,490/-
  4. Vedaearth Cleansing Facial Oil | Full Size | Rs.350/-
  5. Stay Quirky Nail Polish -01 | 6 ml | Rs.165/-

Have a look at the make up bag/clutch:

Make up bag/clutch | Image courtesy

This time like last month, Fab Bag asked its 3 and 6 month subscribers to choose the bag that the goodies would arrive in. Having watched videos of previous Fab Bags, it was evident that these were old bags.

However, one of the options was also the bag for October and that’s what I chose.The bag itself was interesting.

Made of a sort of faux leather, it was a gold with a roughish texture. Very much in keeping with the ‘Festive High’ theme just in time for the festival of lights.

This bag didn’t impress me too much though. I don’t see myself using it as a clutch and when it arrived it was a bit crumpled up.

I thought this bag would be the one to urge me to extend my subscription. My 6 month subscription gets over in October,2016 so I thought dependent on how much I liked this bag, I would take a one year subscription.

But I am not too impressed so I’ll give it a pass. I have been subscribing to them since January, 2016.

My first bag was cute to look at but thereafter I wasn’t impressed except for the June and July bags.

Lets explore the products in the bag:

CAL Finish Up Compact | CO2| Full Size | Rs.650/-

Image result for cal finish up compact
Compact | Image courtesy neighbourhoodgirl30.wordpress

I thought the packaging of this product was very cheap and over the top. It also opens up as if its a gadget straight out of a James Bond movie!

This compact claims to help minimize the appearance of lines and enhance luminosity. It will deliver sheer color and applies smoothly.

It also imparts a natural looking finish. Not a product I’m applying to myself in a hurry!

Votre Lip Gel Scrub | Full Size | Rs.300/-

Fab Bag October 2016- The Festive High Review
Lip scrub | Image courtesy

I did not like the packaging of this product. I understand it is a sample size but does it have to look like one?

So clinical! This product is a gentle exfoliating gel for the lips.

The gel contains pure oils and gently removes dead chapped skin from the lips. Its great for when you’re getting ready to apply your favorite lip color or even at the end of the  day as you remove your  make up.


Especially handy when trying to remove those pesky long stay formulas!

Kaya Brightening Serum | 30 ml | Rs.1,490/-

Brightening serum | Image courtesy

This product has a watery consistency. I have tried this product at night.

In the morning I woke up with fresh, bright, moisturized skin. Since its a sample size it is difficult to say if it has worked on my blemishes.

I felt it worked as a good substitute as a primer under foundation.

Vedaearth Cleansing Facial Oil | Full Size | Rs.350/-

Image result for veda earth cleansing facial oil
Cleansing facial oil |

The packaging of this product is just amazing. It’s a lovely blue colored bottle with a white floral design.

Very classy and feminine. It’s compact and travel friendly.

I am yet to try it so can’t comment on the product yet.

Stay Quirky Nail Polish -01 | 6 ml | Rs.165/-

SQ orange shade nail paint
Nail polish | Image courtesy

The last product is a Stay Quirky nail polish. The shade I received is orange.

I am yet to try it but it looks good in the bottle. Its a vibrant shade in keeping with the festival of lights.

Total calculated value of the bag is Rs. 3,003/- Of the lot my favorite product is the Stay Quirky nail polish! In fact I think this product deserves its own separate review.

I love the color! I also thought that this month the Fab Bag over all was okay.

Thank you for reading. Be kind to yourself , ‘coz there’s no one like you 🙂

Much love!


PS: Wish to subscribe to Fab Bag? Click on the link below:


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