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Glamazon | Ipsy Glam Bag | September,2016

Image result for ipsy bag november 2016
Ipsy Glam Bag | September,2016 | Image courtesy

Hello Glamazons!

Today we will be reviewing the Ipsy Glam Bag September, 2016. Ipsy Glam Bag is a beauty subscription service which does not currently ship worldwide.

If you wanna know how to get it in India, leave a comment on my blog and I’ll tell you how I got mine. The Ipsy Glam Bag comes at a subscription fee of $10 (USD) per month.

That works out to roughly Rs. 671/- only per month. I also paid shipping so I did end up paying double.

For the price of $10/- only you get a total of 5 products in a very pretty bag. Ipsy decides on your products for the month, based on a questionnaire that you fill with your preferences.

They ask you things like, would you prefer an eye shadow or a mascara? A lip gloss or a lipstick ?

A hair care product or a skin care products. To keep things exclusive, once you sign up with them they keep you on a waiting list.

To get off the waiting list, you need to use at least 2 of your social media handles to tell the world that you are off the Ipsy Glam Bag waiting list. I think that’s a very smart social media strategy!

It ships out by the 10th of every month, you receive a tracking number with the shipment details, and can track it on every step of the way.Have a look at the gorgeous  bag.


Image result for ipsy bag november 2016
The make up bag | Image courtesy



Below is a list of the products I received :

  1. Rodial|Dragon’s Blood |Hyaluronic Tonic  | 15 ml
  2. IT Cosmetics | Superhero Mascara | In the shade ‘Super Black’
  3. Be A Bombshell Cosmetics | Nail Polish | In the shade ‘Va Va Voom’
  4. Christie Brinklie Authentic Skincare| Complete Clarity | Daily Exfoliating Polish
  5. Eyeko | Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner | In the shade ‘Black’

Total calculated value: Unavailable since prices are not mentioned. Like the Lip Monthly, Ipsy sends a different designed bag every month.

The September,2016 theme was ‘Glamazon‘ , the bag has an image of 4 girls using their hands to spell ‘Ipsy’ in cheerleader style! Its got a very African feel to it and I must say I quite like the gold and black combination.

The bag has a shiny black lining. My favorite product in this bag is the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics | Nail Polish | In the shade ‘Va Va Voom’

I have recently ventured into nail art and was looking for a darker shade of nail polish as a contrast for crystals, rhinestones and other nail accessories and this seems like a God sent. Lets dive into each of the products now:

Rodial|Dragon’s Blood | Hyaluronic Tonic  | 15 ml

Rodial| Dragons Blood | Hyaluronic tonic | Image courtesy

This product is a great mid day pick me up for the skin. It claims to revive and refresh the skin.

Its like a moisturizing toner that soothes and protects. The ingredient dragon’s blood is reminiscent of the character the ‘Mother of Dragons’ in the television series ‘Game Of Thrones’

All hail the Mother of Dragons!

It hydrates, moisturizes and plumps up the skin. Dragon’s blood from the Croton Lechleri tree keeps skin safe from damage while  rose water heals and helps improve skin texture.

It also contains Vitamin B3 which brightens up the skin.

IT Cosmetics | Superhero Mascara | In the shade ‘Super Black’
Image result for it cosmetics superhero mascara
IT Cosmetics | Super Hero Mascara | Image courtesy

This product is an elastic, stretch, volumizing mascara. For real results!

I don’t own anything by  IT Cosmetics so its great that I get to sample this brand. Though I have to say that the product size is very small.

Use of this mascara renders lashes stretched with dramatic volume. It also helps to lengthen and plump up the lashes.

The lash line looks fuller. A real eyelash game changer!

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics | Nail Polish | In the shade ‘Va Va Voom’

Va Va Voom | Image courtesy


I have been wanting a dark shade of nail polish for the longest time and I am very glad I received it.I have to say a subscription bag is a great way to receive different products without having to venture out.

I love the name of the shade ‘Va Va Voom’ its a deep purple and I’m already imagining the wonderful contrast it will provide when using crystals, rhinestones and nail accessories for nail art.

Christie Brinklie Authentic Skincare | Complete Clarity  |Daily Exfoliating Polish


Christie Brinkley Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish
Daily Exfoliating Skin Polish | Image courtesy



This is a creamy scrub that is gentle on the skin and yet provides a strong exfoliating action. It refines the skin texture, clear pores, removes dulling dirt and dead skin.

It also stimulates skin turnover, leaving the skin purified and invigorated. In addition it also refreshes and smoothens the skin.

Regular usage will render the skin radiant and its gentle enough to be used everyday. This product is suitable for all skin types.

The last product in my Ipsy bag is :

Eyeko | Eye Do Liquid Eyeline | In the shade ‘Black’

Image result for eyeko
Eye Do| Image courtesy


This is a waterproof, jet black eye liner. It has an easy-to-use precision tip to create the perfect line or even the perfect winged eyeliner.

It can be used over eye shadow and stays on even on the waterline. And that’s my review.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.Thank you for your time and remember to be kind to yourself ‘coz there’s no one like you.

Please like, share, comment and subscribe to this blog.

Much Love!


PS: Wanna subscribe to Ipsy Glam Bag? Click on the link below:

Need help with shipping in India? Like and leave a comment on my blog and I’ll tell you how to go about it.


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