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Fango Essenziali | Moisturize sheet mask


Hello my Beauties!

Today I will be reviewing , The Fango Essenziali Moisturize sheet mask.  I received it in my July,2016 Glossy Box.

The mask comes in a green packet and I have one sheet mask which is 25 ml. This typically retails for $7/- (USD).

Approximately Rs.466/- only. This is the full size, sheet mask.

The website states: “……Thirsty, parched skin is refreshed and renewed with Fango Essenziali’s Moisturize sheet mask. A special cocktail of skin soothing ingredients- avocado, kelp and acai berry to hydrate, nourish and restore even the driest, most sensitive skin. ”

I can easily say that this is my new best friend. Its perfect to use alone or in between mud treatments.

A remedy for parched, dry skin. It helps to nourish and deeply moisturize.

It contains: 

Avocado : To nourish and condition skin for a youthful glow.

Kelp extract : To aid in skin regeneration &rejuvenation.

Acai berry: A powerful antioxidant that’s ideal for tired skin.

Though this face mask is recommended for dry skin, its good to use on oily skin as well. After all oily skin needs moisture too!

The product is paraben free and is clinically and allergy tested. The mask intensely moisturizes and hydrates due to the blend of  avocado, kelp and acai berry.

The acai berry in it is not only a great anti oxidant but also doubles as an anti aging agent.

You can upgrade this masks potential by:

  1. Cleansing the skin
  2. Remove the white protective sheet on the mask.
  3. Place the mask on the face
  4. Remove the clear film
  5. Adjust and smooth out mask to ensure good contact
  6. Leave on for 5 to 25 minutes (As per instructions on the pack; I kept it on for 15 minutes)
  7. Remove the mask and massage excess serum into the face for maximum benefits.

So head band on, make up off lets apply this baby to the face! First things first its got an amazing fragrance.

The mask doesn’t dry off as such due to its moisture content. After I finished with the face I placed the bunched up mask on my closed lips to get rid of dry skin on my lips.

You don’t need to wash this mask of. Whatever was left in the pack I rubbed it into my neck as well.

And once I was done, it left my face smooth and refreshed.

So that’s it from me. Thank you for reading.

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PS: Want to try out this mask? Purchase it by clicking on:

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