International beauty subscription bag

Lip Monthly | July,2016


Hello Hello!

I discovered an international subscription service which ships worldwide. Its called the Lip Monthly and is a God send for all those who love lip products.

For the price of $13/- only (Roughly Rs.871/- only ) you get a total of 4 products in an adorable bag. 3 of the 4 products are lip related and one is non lip related.

It comes in a beautiful gold, bubble wrap lined envelope and is delivered through DHL who hands it over to the local post office for delivery.

Outer packaging | Lip Monthly

I was afraid that my package would be lost in transition however, fortunately it got delivered. Typically it ships out by the 10th of every month, you receive a tracking number with the shipment details, however it only shows entry into India through Mumbai, on the DHL website.

After that no tracking information is available so I was a little anxious about the delivery, however, it got delivered so I am happy.

Have a look at the very cute bag.


The front and the back has the exact same print | Yellow tulips any one?!


Of course the Information Card:

Info Card| Front


Info Card | Back

In case you didn’t get details from the information card above, below is a list of the products I received :

  1. Manna Kadar Lip Stain |$24/Rs.1,608/-| 5 ml
  2. DLS Lipstick| $10/Rs.670/-| 3.8 gms
  3. So Susan Jello Shot| $24.95/Rs. 1,672/-| 4.5 ml
  4. Jorel Parker Face Mask| $10/Rs.670/-| 30 ml

Total calculated value:

In USD: $69 only

In INR: Rs.4,620/- only

Considering you pay only Rs.871/- for a monthly subscription (shipping is free world wide) you get 4 products worth Rs. 4,620/- only. The bag literally pays for itself 5 times over!!

Usually they send a different designed bag every month, however I noticed, that this month the have simply renamed their May,2016 bag as July,2016  and sent it out to not only to their first time subscribers but also to some regular subscribers. I was reading a few reviews and some subscribers are pretty upset with them.

Nonetheless, since this was my first time subscription I was quite fine with receiving this bag, having never received one before. Lets look at each of these products now:

Mana Kadar: Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain | Shade name ‘Lucky’

Of the lot this was the most classy, quite like a higher end luxury brand. It comes in a perfectly rectangular , solid glass bottle with black cap.

Introducing | Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain in ‘Lucky’

Its got a sponge tip applicator which I’ve always preferred over the brush ones. The shade is a kind of a muddy pink and will go well over my skin tone.

Swatch | Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain in ‘Lucky’

DLS LipstickShade name ‘Vengeance’


Check out the very adorable packaging



I am a sucker for polka dots and the color black!The packaging combines both !!

DLS expands to Dirty Little Secret ! Quite a cheeky name for a lipper 🙂

The lipstick tube seems to be of good quality, its a matte black with ‘DLS‘ printed on the cap. When you open the tube, it has ‘Dirty Little Secret’ written at the base.

So cute and different

The color is a fuchsia, magenta-ish kind of a shade.


Swatch | DLS in ‘Vengeance


So Susan Jello ShotShade name ‘Hangover’

Check out the fun, tropical – themed package design


The packaging has a lot of information on it. This is a double performing product it not only goes over your lips but will also double up as a cheek stain.

The box claims that the product is 78% water based and 99% natural. The box also describes the product as “A gel stain hybrid formula infused with Heat Shift (TM) technology that instantly transforms into a healthy, rosy flush upon contact onto your skin, according to your body temperature.”

Lets see how the swatches work out. By the way this product is cruelty free and vegan.

Swatch | So Susan Jello Shot in ‘Hangover’

When So Susan decided that this product should be a stain they weren’t joking! After I took this photograph, while I was easily able to wipe off all swatches from my finger tips, this one just wouldn’t wipe off! It also has a ‘pineapply’ fragrance to it.

Jorel Parker Face Mask :

This is the non lip product in the bag. As the name suggests its a face mask and claims to be vegan and cruelty free.


This mask can be applied to face and body 


This mask seems to be well suited for my skin type. I have a feeling that its a clay based  mask.


Jorel Parker Face Mask | As it dries out

I quite enjoy face masks and own quite a few of them. This one is infused with Sweet Almond and Avocado Oil, Green Tea Antioxidants and Volcanic Ash Minerals.

So that my review. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Thank you for your time and remember to be kind to yourself ‘coz there’s no one like you.

Much Love!


PS: Wanna subscribe to Lip Monthly? Click on the link below:

This is a referral link so every time you buy using this link, I get a free bag or points to redeem products from the Lip Monthly online shop. If you are planning to sign up please do use this link so I may get free bags to review and post on this blog or redeem it for products to review on this blog.

Please also feel free to share this link with your friends. Spread the word.

Show Lip Monthly (and me) some love. Mwah!



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